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About Jo

Paws for Thought

Jo has been surrounded by a variety of animals throughout her life including dogs, cats, horses and even owning with her partner, Bearded Dragons and a Chameleon! It is safe to say Jo has an array of experience.

Jo owned German Shepherds for a large portion of her life, two of which called Ben and Bruce. Jo has also owned a Border Collie, West Highland Terrier and inherited a beautiful Pomapoo, Teddy when, sadly, Jo's partner's mother suddenly passed away, adding to the wealth of knowledge and love that Jo has for her animals. Although dogs have been a large part of Jo's life, she also has a really large baby, her horse Angel who she has owned for 20 years.

From all of Jo's experience with her animals, she understands the pressure that can come from having another person walk your dog. The love we have for our animal's words cannot express and Jo always ensures the health and happiness of your dog comes first.

Jo always prefers to introduce herself to you and your dog in an environment that is familiar to you both such as your home. This allows Jo to get to know you and your dog before you make any decisions with no obligations.

**With covid restrictions this would need to be a meet and greet in your preferred place until restrictions are lifted**

Walking the Dog
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